Delaware Valley Ramps

Ramps through the leavesRamps (Wild Leeks) are one of the earliest wild edible plants of Spring. Highly prized by discerning eaters, fine chefs and locavores, Ramps can be used in place of garlic, onions or leeks in almost any recipe.

Favorite recipes include pickled ramps, ramp pesto pasta, ramp vichyssoise and simple grilled ramps.

We manage acres of accessible fields of ramps and harvest, distribute and deliver ramps across the Northeast to wholesalers and fine restaurants.

Ramps are typically available from early April through May. Early in the season we harvest the younger more delicate ramps whose leaves and bulbs can be used in salads. Later in the season we harvest the more mature ramps whose large bulbs and leaves can be used in a variety of recipes.

Ramps are available for sale as available at the market price. To place an order or inquire as to current availability, please use the order form.

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